“I work intuitive, hands-on, and like to think practical. I’m not a person that overthinks or makes things complicated. By just doing things I find out if things work or not work. I use a lot of material that people throw away. The beauty of other people’s trash I find amazing.” 

For info and inquiries: zwetsteun@gmail.com or call +31639831138

“Everywhere in the world, people litter their trash in nature and the streets. There is so much potential use of the material on the street that people don’t see. Also by using free and trashed material the process of just making goes easier because you are not afraid to waste material since it is already waste. If something fails you only lose time. Making makes me happy and I want to make people happy with my creations. Making a good design with the right materials is important. In this way, people can own objects for a very long time which is the most sustainable design there is.”